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Choosing A Home Inventory Service To Create Your Home Inventory - Tips

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A Home Inventory Taken By Aussie Home Inventories


Choosing A Home Inventory Service To Create Your Home Inventory Tips - A list of suggestions created by Aussie Home Inventories, to assist you in making the correct choice when selecting a Home Inventory Service provider. A service helping you to record / document your property and contents, in readiness for loss through disaster, emergency or theft.

Recording and documenting what matters to you, for you!




Aussie Home Inventories - Helping You To Increase Your Family's & Home's Preparation For Loss.

    Choosing A Home Inventory Service To Create Your Home Inventory.

    The qualities, features and benefits of using a reputable Home Inventory Service are:

  • A personalised Home Inventory, taken by Inventory Consultants whom are fully insured and professional.
  • A Certificate Of Inventory Completion, proving the inventory was carried out on the said date.
  • A Written Guarantee backing professional services.
  • Home Inventories presented in a binder or portfolio.
  • Home Inventory options that are easily tailored, to suit your requirements.
  • Home Inventories that are easily forwarded to and accepted by, insurance companies and authorities.
  • The option of having all inventory data deleted from inventory computers, should you request so.
  • Property and contents that are digitally recorded with up to date equipment, in a commonly used format.
  • Inventory information that is stored on CD & DVD : Accessible via PC , MAC & DVD player.
  • Home Inventories that come with a printed index of images, confirming recorded items on a worksheet.
  • Date stamped images, providing proof of recorded property at the said date.
  • Two copies of media, one for your fire safe, the other for the bank deposit box.
  • Blank Inventory Forms, useful for pre-inventory recording, or adding new items. Making it easy for you to manage and keep your inventory up to date.
  • A record of listed items details, assisting with theft recovery and proof of ownership.
  • An optional Annual Update Program, that allows for new additions & changes to the inventory.
  • Optional Off Site Storage for the safe storage of your inventory, out of the home in a secure off-site security box.
  • Optional DVD recordings, providing a walk through recording of your home.
  • Gift vouchers for friends and family, to get their inventory started.
  • Optional inventory forwarding service to the authorities / insurance supplier.
  • Optional inventory backup service, providing you with peace of mind.
  • When making the appointment, your Home Inventory Service provider may ask for details on:

  • The size of your floor space, in square feet or meters.
  • The number of items you wish to be recorded.
  • The type of items to be recorded.
  • Whether items are easily accessible or in storage.
  • You may additionally need to have an idea of the following:

  • Whether you wish to assist with taking the inventory, for example getting the contents out of cupboards.
  • Where receipts, warranties and other property related documents are kept.
  • Make sure you understand what the Home Inventory Service dollars are buying for you! Here are a few questions you can ask the provider:

  • Is there a limit on the number of items recorded?
  • How many hours of recording does the fee include?
  • Where is the inventory processed?
  • How long will it take to receive the completed inventory and how?
  • In what format is the inventory compiled and are there additional options?
  • Does the Home Inventory Service offer a valuation service[Most do not]?
  • Is there any deposit to pay before the appointment?
  • Do you need to do anything before the Inventory Consultant arrives?
  • Does the Home Inventory Service offer item tagging?
  • What happens to personal and inventory information?

It is a good idea to walk around your house and have a look at your property and contents beforehand. This will allow you to create a mental list of what needs recording. You do not want to have the inventory taken and then notice wall hangings, items in sheds and outside property fixtures were forgotten.

For a list of answers, to common questions that arise, when people contact a Home Inventory Service provider for the first time, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions then please CONTACT US and we will do our best to help you.

We hope the above suggestions and tips on Choosing A Home Inventory Service provider, assist you in making the correct choice, for taking inventory of your property and contents.




Aussie Home Inventories offers you the chance to share this information with family & friends, by easily printing these suggestions and tips on Choosing A Home Inventory Service To Create Your Home Inventory by using the Save Page As PDF button on the menu bar.


Suggestions & Tips Directory  Disaster News  Earthquake Monitor  Disaster Preparation
Home Evacuation Video  Disaster Videos Directory

Click For 'My Home Inventory Software'

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Choosing A Home Inventory Service To Create Your Home Inventory - Tips


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