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Home Evacuation Box [Necessary Paperwork] - Tips

Suggestions & Tips Directory  Disaster News  Earthquake Monitor  Disaster Preparation
Home Evacuation Video  Disaster Videos Directory


Home Evacuation Box


Home Evacuation Box Tips - A list of suggestions created by Aussie Home Inventories, to assist you in creating a collection of your important documents / paperwork, that you will need in a crisis. Helping you to be better prepared for disaster, evacuation and survival.




Aussie Home Inventories - Helping You To Collect Documents / Paperwork You May Need In A Crisis

    Your Home Evacuation Box should contain:

  • Appraisals.
  • Adoption Papers.
  • Bank Statements.
  • Birth Certificates.
  • Credit Card Details.
  • Car Information.
  • Computer Backup Disks.
  • Cash.
  • Emergency Contact Information.
  • Estate Planning Information.
  • Financial Planning Information.
  • Home Inventory Backup Disk.
  • Home Inventory Index Sheet.
  • Home Improvement Details.
  • Home Insurance Policies.
  • Health Insurance Policies.
  • Keys / Locks.
  • Medical Information.
  • Military Records.
  • Mortgage Property Deeds.
  • Passports.
  • Receipts.
  • Retirement Account Information.
  • Safe Deposit Box Details & Copies.
  • Tax Returns.
  • Trust Documents.
  • Warranties.
  • Will Documentation.


Where Should I Locate My Home Evacuation Box?

These important documents need to be kept in one place if possible, ready for easy, quick collection when a dangerous event is nearby. A place that is out of the way from unwanted interference. Some people choose to keep the above paperwork in a Firesafe. Keep your Home Evacuation Box up to date. Your Home Evacuation Box is part of your Home Evacuation Kit.

Visit Home Evacuation Kit Tips to learn more about creating your Home Evacuation Kit, or find out where you can purchase a professional Home Evacuation Kit.

Aussie Home Inventories hopes you find this information useful, using it as a starting point in disaster preparation for your family and home. Whilst most of us go about insuring against the worst, we often forget that it is this same 'event', that will be directly impacting on not just our home but ourselves! It makes sense to be prepared!


Aussie Home Inventories offers you the chance to share this information with family & friends by easily printing these Home Inventory Data Usage Tips using the Save Page As PDF button on the menu bar.


Suggestions & Tips Directory  Disaster News  Earthquake Monitor  Disaster Preparation
Home Evacuation Video  Disaster Videos Directory

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Home Evacuation Box [Necessary Paperwork] - Tips


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