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Home Inventory Creation - Tips

Suggestions & Tips Directory  Disaster News  Earthquake Monitor  Disaster Preparation
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DIY Home Inventory List - Complex


Home Inventory Creation Tips - A list of suggestions created by Aussie Home Inventories, to assist you in recording / documenting your property and contents. Helping you to create your own DIY Home Inventory, in readiness for any loss through disaster, emergency or theft. The Home Inventory Creation Tips explained here, use a system where the home contents are written to a home inventory form or list. The inventory is completed when images of property and contents, via a camera / video camera / dvd recorder are added.


Creating your Home Inventory begins with selecting your choice, of formatted Home Inventory Form or List:

DIY Home Inventory Form - Simple  |  DIY Home Inventory List - Complex

Please visit the DOWNLOAD DIRECTORY page to download your FREE copy.

Starting the Home Inventory Creation process:


  • Visit one room at a time and make a list of the items in that room.
  • Be as detailed as possible, recording for each item all the vital information: location : item description : item type : serial no : model no : manufacturer : cost : value : etc.
  • Include a description of where or how the item was obtained and the date of purchase, or age of the item.
  • Include receipts or other proof of purchase, showing the cost. TIP: Often receipts have item details, so make sure you read them when including them in the inventory. You may save yourself the time of looking for that hidden serial number.
  • Attach a photocopy of any appraisals, for items that may have increased in value since purchase i.e., antiques, art, collections, jewellery, etc.
  • Photograph or videotape your possessions. Photos / VHS video / DVD will help show ownership and condition of the item, at the date of inventory. Take a photo of the daily newspaper or hold up a copy of the paper in the video to substantiate the date if your camera does not have this facility.
  • Do not forget furniture : light fittings : wall hung items : doors : windows.
  • Open drawers, closets, under bed storage boxes and built-in cabinets.
  • A preferred method is to place the objects to be photographed, on tables or beds. Take a picture if possible of the item in situ.
  • Note the condition of the room. This is useful when trying to prove wilful damage by an intruder.
  • Finally take a picture of each tidy and completed room.
  • Outside the home do not forget: garage : sheds : garden furniture / tools : home fixtures.
  • Often-forgotten items include sports equipment, garden tools, garden furniture, items in storage.
  • Offsite storage areas need to be recorded.


Once your Home Inventory is finalised, you will need to make sure that you:


  • Remember to add all new items purchased in the forthcoming year, not forgetting to remove items you no longer have.
  • Keep a copy of your inventory preferably off-site. If you do need to keep a copy of your inventory in the home, make sure it is stored in a fire safe.
  • Do not store the inventory on your home PC if possible, even during Home Inventory creation! Thieves steal PC's at any time! Do not supply them with a shopping list!
  • Supply a sealed copy of your home inventory to a trusted friend, relative, solicitor.


Now that you have taken on board what is involved with the Home Inventory Creation process, it is time to call your insurance supplier and make sure you attempt to gain a discount on your premium. Before you do this make sure you read our:

Questions For The Insurance Supplier

You will have a better idea of your contents cover and should be able to note, the specified and non-specified items more clearly on your policy.

Calling the insurance supplier for a discount is a must! You will be supplying them with an up to date Home Inventory of your property and contents. A record of what they are going to be insuring you for! This will help speed up the claim process for you both, saving you both money.


If you are looking for a camera / camcorder for taking inventory of your property and contents please read:

Choosing A Camcorder For Your Home Inventory Tips

Choosing A Camera For Your Home Inventory Tips

The best offers we have found and continually find, for camera's and camcorders suitable for Home Inventory Creation are to be found on Shopping Square


After completing your Home Inventory make sure you read out tips on:

Home Inventory Management Tips  |  Home Inventory Storage Tips  |  Home Inventory Data Usage Tips


Aussie Home Inventories offers you the chance to share this information with family & friends by easily printing these Home Inventory Creation Tips using the Save Page As PDF button on the menu bar.


Suggestions & Tips Directory  Disaster News  Earthquake Monitor  Disaster Preparation
Home Evacuation Video  Disaster Videos Directory

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Home Inventory Creation - Tips


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