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Home Security - Tips

Suggestions & Tips Directory  Disaster News  Earthquake Monitor  Disaster Preparation
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Home Security  Tips - Reducing The Chances Of Theft


Home Security Tips - A list of suggestions created by Aussie Home Inventories, to assist you with identifying common Home Security issues. Helping you to protect your family and home, by maximising your awareness of Home Security problem areas, that are often overlooked.





Aussie Home Inventories - Helping You To Increase Your Family's & Home's Security Protection.

    Home Security Tips

  • If you suspect forced entry has occurred to your home, CALL The Police!
  • NEVER ENTER your home if you suspect forced entry, as the burglar may still be inside!
  • Fit deadlocks to all external windows and doors, focussing on ground level access points.
  • Add security doors, peep holes and chains.
  • Fit double sided locking handles and doors bolts, to sliding doors.
  • Mark all valuables and easily removed items, with ID Tags [Engraving / UV Marker / Datadot].
  • Improve security and lighting to windows that are hidden from street or neighbours view.
  • Add sensor lights and install extra lights, in dark areas.
  • Know who you are letting into your house before opening the door.
  • Do not close curtains in the daytime.
  • Do not leave keys outside the house.
  • Remove trees and shrubs that hide windows or could hide a burglar.
  • Do not leave ladders and tools unattended outside.
  • Reposition valuables, out of site if possible.
  • Add self-tapping screws to the top frame of sliding doors, to stop the lifting of the door.
  • Keep cars locked when at home.
  • Remove signs with surnames, as thieves can easily call the home.
  • Create a Home Inventory of property & contents, storing it off-site or in a fire safe.
  • Get a dog.
  • On outside doors with glass panels fit a double cylinder lock.
  • Key rings should not have identification tags, your name or address.
  • Avoid revealing your address and contact numbers to strangers.
  • Update your outside door hinges, with ones that allow no hinge pin removal from outside.
  • Check mouldings around doors and windows, they must fit tightly.
  • Be aware of whether your doors are locked or unlocked at all times.
  • Secure all outside sheds, garage and basement.
  • Invest in a home security alarm system with external siren and signs.


Are You Maximising Your Home Security When Going On A Holiday?

Take note of these additional Home Security Suggestions, for when you leave your home unattended or take a vacation!

  • Do not advertise your surname via large name straps on luggage.
  • Ask friends and neighbours to check the home and remove any mail.
  • Inform your neighbour of anyone whom will be checking the property.
  • Do not label spare sets of keys with your address, when left with friends / neighbours.
  • Install timers on lights / radio in more than one room.
  • Leave all contact details with the police, family members or emergency contact.
  • Make the driveway available for neighbours parking.
  • Cut the lawn and tidy the garden before leaving.
  • Plants will need to be watered whilst you are away as dying plants is a sign of vacant property.
  • Disconnect the electricity supply to electric garage doors.
  • Get a house minder.
  • Store valuable items away from direct viewing through a window.
  • Check your contents insurance is up to date.
  • Cancel any deliveries, ie milk / newspapers.
  • Direct phones to message bank or mobile.
  • Store or lock anything outside items that could be used to break into your home.
  • Check insurance policies or lease [contact the landlord] as often there is a clause for vacant premises.
  • Store valuables off-site or in a safe deposit box.
  • Where a home security system is fitted, advise the monitoring centre of alternative contacts.


Are You Looking For More Home Security Information?

Learn more about increasing your Home Security by reading our article - How Secure Is Your Home & Contents

Did You Know That The Average Home Front Door Lock, Can Be Picked In A Few Seconds?

How Are You Going To Prove A Theft Without Any Signs Of Break & Enter, To Your Insurance Supplier?

Learn more about the growing trend of chosen methods of break & enter, by the burglar. Read our article on how a burglar could gain entry into your home, and leave NO SIGN OF ENTRY! - Bumping Into Your Property - The Invisible Burglar


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Aussie Home Inventories offers you the chance to share this information with family & friends by easily printing these Home Security Tips using the Save Page As PDF button on the menu bar.


Suggestions & Tips Directory  Disaster News  Earthquake Monitor  Disaster Preparation
Home Evacuation Video  Disaster Videos Directory

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Home Security - Tips


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