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Twitter Tips & Twitter Traffic Generation Tips

Tweet Your Business - Twitter Account Service - Blog : Twitter Tips


Twitter Traffic Generation Tips - If you're looking for Twitter Traffic Tips to increase your Twitter following, here are a few Twitter Systems we use to provide excellent results.

Aussie Home Inventories uses the Twitter Systems mentioned below, to increase traffic to the following Twitter accounts:

@homeinventory  @disaster_videos  @disaster_news @prep4loss  @badfaithclaim


Twitter Traffic Machine

The Twitter Traffic Machine provides an easy solution, teaching you how to fully automate your Twitter account. A lot of the information can also be applied to increasing traffic to blogs and websites.

Visit Twitter Traffic Machine to learn more.

Viral Tweets

Viral Tweets is an application that you simply upload to your website or blog, allowing tweets to be sent out by users of your content. You may have used Viral Tweets to arrive on this page!

If you think our information is advantageous to others, then please use Viral Tweets to send your followers a Tweet about our Twitter Traffic Tips!


Twitter Username:
Twitter Password:

This information is not stored and only one tweet will be sent
Powered by Viral Tweets

Interested In Getting Viral Tweets On Your Website?
Watch The Movie or visit Viral Tweets.


Twitter Bot

Scheduling tweets is a must when circumstances mean you are not able to send tweets to your Twitter business account. There are various online systems such as Twuffer & Tweetlater which allow you to send tweets at a pre-determined time & date. Twitter Bot though, enhances the sending of scheduled tweets directly from your desktop! Using simple text files containing a list of the scheduled tweets.

Additional features of the Twitter Bot software are:

  • Auto add followers.
  • Auto unfollow, those who are not following you.
  • Auto follow those that follow you.
  • Follow the Top 100 people from your country.
  • Auto follow by keyword search.

These are just some of the extra features Twitter Bot offers. There are many more!

Visit Twitter Bot to learn more.


Other Traffic Generating Systems

FWebTraffic - FREE

FWebTraffic is a system designed to bring people to your website or blog. And of course YES you can use it to bring people to your Twitter account.

Visit FWebTraffic to learn more.

Tips On Using Twitter

Like all social pages there are rules of etiquette and these can maximise or diminish your followers. Twitter is no different. By applying the Twitter rules of etiquette your Twitter following can greatly increase, at the same time doing the same for your business awareness / sales. If you follow the suggestions listed, you will stand out in the Twitterverse, in a positive way:

  • Talking about other Twitter users / people and their interests, will show others that you are human.
  • Point out interesting things in your space, more so than yourself.
  • Share with others links of interest in your community.
  • Instead of trying to SELL make links appear to be useful and of suggested help.
  • If you have employees, tell others about their 'out of work experiences.
  • Direct your Twitter followers to pictures. Use twitpic.com to share pictures.
  • Twitter about nonbusiness.
  • Twitter about other humans and other businesses.
  • Share information about what has caught your attention.
  • Ask questions instead of a direct 'promote' approach.
  • Run polls and surveys. Try twtpoll.com.
  • Twitter about other users products.
  • Make sure you are not always tooting your own horn!
  • Retweet other users tweets, known as RT. Your followers will find this useful.

If you are a small business deciding whether Twitter is for you, make sure you read our blog article describing the advantages Twitter can offer a small business.

Twitter Social Networking - Marketing Your Business

We hope you find the above information useful in increasing your Twitter Traffic and automation of your Twitter accounts. We did. That is why we are sharing this information with you!

Please follow @homeinventory  @disaster_videos  @disaster_news
@prep4loss  @badfaithclaim  @aussiesatellite


Twitter For Small Business - Account Set Up / Managed Twitter Account Service.

Not all businesses seeing the advantages of Twitter have the manpower / time to operate a Twitter account. A common negative passed around by others, is Twitter takes too much time and takes employees away from other productive work. This is where the idea of out sourcing your Twitter account and having a Managed Twitter Account is extremely useful.

If you wish to have a Twitter account set up and / or managed we can do that for you. Visit our Twitter Service page and then call our offices.

We also have a blog site called Tweet Your Business which is focused on Twitter, especially for Small Business.

Aussie Home Inventories is an Australian business using Twitter to help maximise it's presence on the internet and create an awareness of it's products / services globally.

Twitter Commands

Here's a list of common Twitter commands, along with our favourites:

  • follow username - Follow a user's tweets & receive all their updates.
  • leave username - Stop a user's updates. [They will remain in your friends list].
  • delete username - Drop the user from your friends list.
  • invite email/number - Invite a friend by sending a twitter invite to an email / phone.
  • whois username - Ask Twitter to return information about the given user.
  • off - Turn off all messages to you. [Note: Sending it twice will even silence direct messages].
  • on - Turns the messages on again.
  • d username message - Send the message as a private message to the given user. This message will not appear in any public time line and is usually delivered via email, too.
  • track term - Subscribe to tweets containing term regardless who posted it. You don't need to follow anyone to get those notices.
  • untrack term - Stop the tracking of a term and get no longer messages about it.
  • untrack all - Delete your whole list of tracked terms.
  • track - Ask twitter to return a list of all currently tracked terms.
  • stats - Ask for some basic statistics like number of followers and your track list.
  • fav username - Mark a user's last tweet as a favourite.
  • nudge username - Remind a friend to update
  • get username - Get a users latest tweet.


Did You Know You Can Send A DM To A Twitter User You Are Not Following?

As there is a very high % of DM's that are not read due to SPAM, it can pay to send a @ message first, informing the recipient that a DM is on the way.


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Why Use Twitter For Business?

Small Businesses not using Twitter often want to know:

The How's & Why's Of What Twitter Can Do For Their Business! - A question often asked, due to a lack of understanding of Twitter.

So What Can Twitter Do For Your Business?

Well ask yourself, how well you are connected with your 'would be' and existing clients. Could this client connection be better? If so, how are you going to accomplish this!

Are You Collecting Feedback From Clients On A Frequent Basis?

How? Feedback can allow you to stay one step ahead, always able to maximise your business and products, to your clients needs.

Twitter allows you to get your clients excited about new products and your existing products features / benefits.

Client feedback is easily collected via on-line polls, on-line chat software, or questions fired directly to your Twitter audience.

Are You Keeping Your Clients Informed Of Your Business's Activities?

If so, how are you doing this? With Twitter a simple tweet about your business will inform not just your clients, but other Twitter users you are not aware of. Remember this, new business could come from anywhere in this small interconnected world of ours!

Even a business that is focused on local services only, can benefit. A tweet read overseas may be networked by Social Networking, emailed / phoned back into your office. Now you have a new local client, thanks to Twitter!

Writing PR's can be time consuming and once online the PR may only be read from the PR site! On Twitter you can easily spice up the PR and link to the PR site! Short Tweets can be just as effective as a PR! Your audience is very active and online 24/7.

Twitter is a great way to inform the world of your business activities. Once you realise the true potential of Social Networking, by using Twitter you will be able to:

  • Increase client networking.
  • Maximise client feedback.
  • Obtain product pre-launch information.
  • Keep existing products hot!
  • Inform your audience of NEW business activities.
  • Direct traffic to your PR's.
  • Project your business to an unlimited audience.

Are You Doing That Right Now With Your Existing Marketing Plan?

OK - If you're not! Join Twitter! If you are, but in a more slower way, again join Twitter! The time is now to get Your Business On Twitter and reap the rewards of Social Networking your business.

CONTACT US for help in achieving that goal! Twitter Account Start Up / Management Service

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